Hi, I'm Kirby

After growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, I served 11 years on active duty in the U.S. military, first attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and then traveling the world as an officer in the Army.

During my time in the service, I developed a strong interest in real estate entrepreneurship. I began studying and reading as much as I possibly could on the topic, and bought my first rental property in 2006 as a Second Lieutenant stationed in El Paso, Texas.

In 2011, I left the service, and while working on my MBA, I started my first real estate investment company, focused on buying distressed properties, renovating, and selling them.

While working in this first business that required constant hustle, I realized there’s a better way to achieve success without sacrificing everything else.


I believe a business owner should build their business around the life they want—not build their life around their business.

To me, success boils down to two main components:

  1. Autonomy – Having the ability to determine and control how my days are spent
  2. Impact – Using my time, resources, and blessings to positively affect other people

I came to the realization that financial freedom, replacing my 9-5 income, was going to be required in order to have the level of autonomy and impact I wanted in my life.

The Power of Short-Term Rentals

I got clarity on my version of success around the same time we tried our first short-term rental in the basement of our house in 2017.

We converted the unfinished lower level into a separate one-bedroom apartment, generating more cash flow in the first three months than any of my long-term rentals did in a year.

After this experience, I realized that “non-traditional” short-term rentals could be one of the fastest paths to achieving financial freedom.

My wife, Taryn, and I set out to replicate the process, and within two years we had created enough cash flow to cover our entire cost of living.

Today, I continue to buy high-cash-flowing, “non-traditional” vacation rentals, and I absolutely love teaching others how to do the same and watching their lives change as a result!

If you want to work with me personally on the purchase of your first high-cash-flowing short-term rental, schedule a strategy session with me so I can hear about your goals, and share the details of the highly effective First Vacation Rental Investment Blueprint program.

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