UNLOCK FINANCIAL FREEDOM: Replace $5k of W-2 income, with two low-cost, short-term rentals in just one year!


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The landscape of short-term rental (STR) investing has shifted. The traditional way of investing in vacation rentals, that made great money after the pandemic, no longer works (and is very risky).

Discover a Game-Changing Approach!

This free masterclass will show you a different way, that is much lower risk, higher cash flow, and gets you to freedom in the most efficient way possible.

What You Will Learn: 

  • Identify the Ideal Properties: Gain clarity on identifying properties with a combination of market factors and attributes for higher-than-average cash flow.

  • Innovative Financing Strategies: Learn how to finance these deals, even with minimal capital.

  • Efficient Management for Higher Profits: Discover a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to hiring a property manager, saving you money without requiring significant effort.

Transform Confusion into Clarity!

This FREE masterclass is designed to transition you from uncertainty to a clear and concise plan to generate $5,000 of net cash flow in the next 12 months.


You might think reaching financial freedom is a distant dream, but knowing the right steps can be the difference between years tied to a day job and gaining control over how you spend your time.


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Join us and embark on a transformative journey to stop relying on your W-2 income and start living off rentals!

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Meet your instructor:
Kirby Atwell

Hi, I’m Kirby Atwell, and I’m excited to guide you towards achieving financial freedom through short-term rental investing! 

After my time as a US Army officer, I dove into the real estate world 12 years ago.

I’ve learned the ropes, faced tons of challenges, and most importantly figured out what really moves the needle when it comes to financial freedom. 

I currently own and manage 21 vacation rentals that have freed my wife and me from our full time jobs. We are truly Living off Rentals and it couldn’t be more rewarding.

Your journey to short-term rental success starts here, and I’m eager to be a part of it!

To your rental investing success, 
Kirby Atwell

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Proven Strategies: Learn practical and actionable strategies that have enabled countless individuals to live off rentals successfully.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kirby’s extensive experience and insights in real estate investing.


Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey to financial independence.


Special Bonus: Get a head start on your journey to living off rentals with Kirby's list of preferred lending institutions.


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