How To Replace Your W-2 With Just Four Specific Short-Term Rentals


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This free masterclass will show you a simple process to replace your W-2 income with just four specific type of short term rentals. 


What You Will Learn: 

  • The best market and deal type for the biggest return: Specific features that make a massive difference to the bottom line.

  • How to avoid the biggest pitfalls: Uncovering common mistakes can destroy your investment.

  • The absolute best way to manage your short-term rental: This low cost management system maximizes cash flow and frees up time.

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Meet your instructor:
Kirby Atwell

Hi, I’m Kirby Atwell, and I’m excited to guide you towards achieving financial freedom through short-term rental investing! 

After my time as a US Army officer, I dove into the real estate world 13 years ago.

I’ve learned the ropes, faced tons of challenges, and most importantly figured out what really moves the needle when it comes to financial freedom. 

I currently own and manage 24 vacation rentals that have freed my wife and me from our full time jobs. We are truly Living off Rentals and it couldn’t be more rewarding.

Your journey to short-term rental success starts here, and I’m eager to be a part of it!

To your rental investing success, 
Kirby Atwell

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Why Join This Masterclass?


Proven Strategies: Learn practical and actionable strategies that have enabled countless individuals to live off rentals successfully.


Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kirby’s extensive experience and insights in real estate investing.


Specific Case Studies: This is not general information, but specific details based on deals Kirby and his group members are completing in today's market.


Special Bonus: Get a head start on your journey to living off rentals with Kirby's guide to finding the highest cash flowing STR's possible.


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