First Vacation Rental Investment Blueprint

Getting started shouldn’t be scary. We provide the tools and support to make the journey an easy one!

  • Step-by-step guidance on exactly how to get started
  • Expert advice along the way
  • Personalized answers to all your questions and deal reviews
  • Regular cohort-style discussions to learn from others on the same journey

What could an extra $1,000 or $2,000 of monthly net cash flow do for you?

This result is totally achievable through owning one relatively low-cost, “nontraditional” short-term rental.

This program is specifically designed to help individuals working full-time start to replace their active income with vacation rental cash flow. The program walks you through the step-by-step process of finding, buying, and setting up your first high-cash-flowing short-term rental. The personal support is tailored to fit your situation, with no missing steps and nothing held back.

First Vacation Rental Investment Blueprint

  • We’ve broken down the hard part of where to start, what market to select, what financing to use, and how to manage your investment efficiently into a simple-to-follow process.

  • Once you’ve gone through this process, you will have a high-cash-flowing short-term rental!

  • Then, you can simply follow the same playbook and repeat the process to hit your financial freedom number.

  • My wife and I love helping others achieve their goals. You will work with us personally, getting our advice and input throughout your journey.

  • With so many successful members of the program at this point, you will have the opportunity to regularly meet with and discuss success strategies with those on the same financial freedom journey.

Schedule a personal strategy session to discuss your goals and find out how the program can take you from no passive income to finding, buying, and setting up your first high-cash-flowing property as efficiently as possible. 


In the First Vacation Rental Investment Blueprint program,

I help people who are working full-time go from no passive income to finding, buying, and setting up their first high-cash-flowing vacation rental.

Check out actual first short-term rental deals members of the program are closing.

Isaac & Mayra Danon

St. Charles, Illinois

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Michelle Norman

Columbus, Georgia

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James Beran and Peggy Sayre

New Buffalo, Michigan

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