Beginners' Guide to Buying a Low-Cost, High-Cash-Flowing, Short-Term Rental 



About Kirby Atwell

After growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Kirby served 11 years on active duty in the U.S. military, first attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and then traveling the world as an officer in the Army. During his time in the service, he developed a strong interest in real estate entrepreneurship. He began studying and reading as much as he could on the topic, and he bought his first rental property in 2006.

In 2011, he left the service and earned his MBA with a focus on real estate finance. While attending graduate school, he started his first real estate investment company, rehabbing over 100 properties either to flip or keep as rentals in the Chicago area.

Today, Kirby's passion and only focus is investing in high-cash-flowing vacation rental properties and helping others do the same.

He owns a portfolio of vacation rentals in northern Indiana, where he lives on a 45-acre farm with his wife and young kids. He also helps others who work a full-time job to buy and set up their first high-cash-flowing vacation rental through his signature program called Your First Vacation Rental Investment Blueprint. Ten percent of all profits that he earns are donated to support veterans in need.

Kirby is the host of the Living Off Rentals podcast and YouTube channel, where he and other subject matter experts help equip listeners to achieve financial freedom through rental property investing.

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The First Three Steps to Owning a High Cash Flowing Low-Cost Vacation Rental


Understand The Factors That Make an Ideal Vacation Rental Market (it's probably not what you think)


Get Clear On Exactly How to Calculate Numbers on a Vacation Rental Investment


Zero In On the Absolute Best Financing Strategy That Often Requires Very Little Of Your Own Capital

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A Note From Kirby:

So...Why vacation rentals? 

 It's actually not about vacation rentals or financial freedom.  It's about the lifestyle that financial freedom can bring you.

A year ago, I quit my full-time job and now live off the income from my rentals! 

This didn't happen overnight.  My wife and I intentionally planned our lifestyle by design, and used vacation rentals as the tool to make it happen.

I buy affordable short-term rentals that cashflow 3-4 times higher than they would as long-term rentals, and I love teaching others how to do the same thing!

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"Prior to starting the program, I had zero background in real estate. I have now been running my first vacation rental for 2 months and I am blown away by both the income and the experience. Kirby's class is packed with so much value and has helped me avoid many of the biggest mistakes that beginners face - I really feel like I got a 2-year jump start from this 6-week course."

-Matt C. 

"Kirby provides members of the Blueprint group with great information to take action to purchase your first short-term rental. He focuses on the important steps and provides actionable, easy to comprehend information without the fluff. His process provides me with the confidence to execute a strategy to begin investing in short-term rentals. I would highly recommend this course to those who have listened to podcast after podcast about short-term rentals and feel they are ready to take the dive into his high cash flow industry."

-Michael W. 

"I really like the personal counseling and correspondence that Kirby was able to impart on me as a student. I also think the strategy to keep helping students after the class with the weekly sessions and via email is very helpful. It keeps me motivated to move along this path to financial independence."

-Shavonne N.

Beginners' Guide to Buying a Low-Cost, High- Cash-Flowing, Short-Term Rental