Living Off Rentals Resources 

Explore our centralized resource center, covering everything from how to identify the best rental investments to pre-move in tenant checklists.

Make Out Like A Bandit E-Book

This 42-page step-by-step guide walks you through exactly how to implement a bandit sign marketing strategy to attract some of the best off-market seller leads.

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Tenant Expectations, Tips, and Tricks Checklist

Before you move your next tenant into your rental property, make sure you go through this list and address the most common issues that come up during a lease.  

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Quick Estimator Repair Sheet

This spreadsheet gives you a 'rule of thumb cost' for each major renovation category, so you can quickly analyze potential deals. 


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Motivated Seller Phone Script

Wondering what to ask motivated sellers when they call?  This script walks you through the essential information you need to get more off-market deals.  


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Planning Guide to Transition to a Full-Time Property Rental Business

Thinking of transitioning from the ol' 9-5, to a full-time rental investing business? Get the guide that walks you through 9 key considerations.

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Google Drive Organizational System Outline for RE Investors

This guide lays out the exact folder system real estate investors can use to ensure they never lose track of important information again!

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Contractor Payment Schedule Template

One of the biggest problems that come up on rehab projects is disputes over contractor payment.
Avoid questions about when payments are due by setting up a clear payment schedule before the project even begins! 

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Rehab Scope of Work Template

It is critical to be able to share in detail with your contractor exactly what needs to be done to your rehab before you begin.
This scope of work allows everyone involved to be on the exact same page.
Eliminate the confusion and guesswork for your contractors with this scope of work template. 

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Examples of Businesses Inside An Investment.

Building a rental portfolio and living off the proceeds doesn't happen overnight. 
In the meantime, use the skills you have developed building a rental portfolio to get paid today!


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Single-Family vs Multi-Family Property Investing Cheat Sheet

At first glance all rental property investing might seem the same, however this cheat sheet walks you through the 5 major differences between Single Family and Multifamily investing.

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Ultimate Goal-Setting Framework
Making Goals That Finally Stick

Make a plan and stick to it! In this goal-setting framework, you will go through an alignment exercise, backward plan to forward focus, and establish a 10-year vision for your life!

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