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Andrew Dorazio
BCG Real Estate Group

What Happens When Gang Activity Causes All the Tenants to Move Out!

Andrew Dorazio was a US Army veteran that discovered the idea of real estate investing. So, he took the risk to invest in various properties with diverse markets. 

He has had many ups and downs with a variety of property types. 
He is truly amazing!

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Blake Dailey
MultiFamily Journey

Combining Short-Term Rentals and Small Apartment Buildings to Create Massive Cash Flow!

Full-time active duty military and real estate investor, Blake Dailey has achieved what all investors would like to do - FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE where his net cash flow exceeds his W2 income!

A young investor who is growing and learning along the way. Blake shared one of his deals that he learned from AND gains income. 
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Kirby Atwell

Living Off Rentals

Vacation Rental Homes and Rehabs

Check out this deal! Kirby shares one of his first Vacation Rental Home rehabs. This home was a MESS! You should see it now - a lovely, rehabbed, vacation home rental. Read about the journey with all the ups and downs of this deal! 
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Jason Nazarenko


Jason Nazarenko is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer that saw the potential of short-term rentals in his community. So, he grabbed the opportunity and has transformed his properties into high-quality vacation rentals that make you feel at home!
He has created his own niche by prioritizing hospitality above anything else. He also founded and has invested in buildings, apartments, and even in churches that made his real estate investing business uniquely his!
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Peter Milic
Realty of Chicago -  [email protected]


After leaving his country to achieve his dream, today’s guest gathered his courage to travel all the way to Chicago and started his new career from scratch. Peter Milic tried different ventures when he decided that investing in real estate is the right path for him.
Peter Milic continues to make a lot of progress. With his first full year of investing in real estate, he successfully bought 12 rentals - and counting! He also learned to dedicate his time meditating and spending time with his family to be the best version of himself.
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Kyle Mack


As a kid, Kyle was always thinks about going out with friends or having pizza but has struggled to do it. His struggles made him dream big to have more money and not live from paycheck to paycheck. Jumping into real estate investing made it possible for him to buy what he wants at his own pace.
Kyle's experience with challenging deals, working with credit unions, and the BRRRR strategy have helped him attain success and grow his property portfolio to over 90 units!
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Mark Wilton


Vacation Rental Home In The Woods

 Mark has years of experience in the residential real estate investment industry. For years he operated under the BRRRR method. He has helped to build out a BRRRR portfolio in the Western Suburbs of Chicago in addition to helping other Investors find, fund, fix and manage their own rentals. 
Mark Wilton is currently the Director of Marketing and Broker at ClickInvest.
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